Thursday, October 4, 2007

...My Little Girls

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my little girls with you today. My mom loving calls them her "granddoggers"! Aren't they beautiful?! Their names are Tootles and Trinity. Tootles is actually the mother of Trinity, but Trinity has long since passed her up in the height department! Trinity only has three legs due to an injury she sustained as she was being born. Her umbilical cord got wrapped around her back leg, and it ripped through her bone, tendons, and ligaments. She had to have her first operation when she was only five days old (she weighed four ounces). She is no worse for wear, though! She is the fastest dog in the neighborhood...and the cutest (if I do say so myself!). They are my attempt at leveling the hormones in my house...with three men living here I had to get some sort of estrogen boost! LOL!

Trinity and Tootles


Have a wonderful weekend! I have a little bit of work to do, but I hope to share more goodies with you later!
Hugs ~ Mercy


Sharon in NE said...


Melie said...

Hey my baby's so good to see you both.

Sue said...

So cute! I also had three men in the house and when it came time to get a dog I insisted it be female...LOL guess who it bonded most to?? Yup...hubby LOL