Saturday, June 9, 2007

So I Lied! I lied! I couldn't get away from Bud Basics. I did another card today, but there's something missing from it. Hopefully, I can upload it tomorrow for you. This card was done in my two favorite colors-pretty in pink and chocolate chip. I have to say that chocolate is my MOST favorite, so I pair it with several different colors like turquoise, bashful, coral, caribbean, and marigold. I just happened to pick pretty in pink, because the recipient's fave color is pale pink...I hope she likes it! The stamp sets used were as follows: Print Pattern BG, Bud Basics (of course!), and Wonderful Words. The inks were the same as the paper, only I included celery for the leaves. I then attached pink grosgrain ribbon with a chocolate brad. TRY ONE OF YOUR OWN! Take my design and tweak it to your taste....change the colors, or the layout: or, for that matter, make a totally different card using just those colors! Then, email me a shot of your card! For those of you who do not know my email address, it is I can't wait to see your creations!

Can I tell you a little something about my day? I spent most of the day inside, because I can't hardly breathe if I step outside. Then, around 4:00, it started getting real cloudy and quite ominous outside. I thought,"Finally! After what has seemed like forty years, we are going to see some rain!" Each cloud started building on itself, getting heavier and heavier. At any moment, they would burst open and release every asthmatics redemption! BUT NO! It rains all around us...but not one drop in our neighborhood! And to top it all off, it only rains for minutes! After the rain, it is more humid and muggy than it was before the rain!!! Don't you just love living in NW GA?

Aside from the rain, today was a pretty good one! I got to sit around in my pj's with my husband and relax. Those days don't come very often, so when the opportunities arise I tend to take advantage of them! I made some cards, cleaned laundry, cooked breakfast and dinner, and then I finally got the chance to blog! I hope everyone had a great day, and I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend!

God Bless!

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