Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge #26 (MTSC26)

Here are the "rules":

  • Create a card/scrapbook page using the sketch above;
  • Use keyword MTSC26 when uploading to a public gallery;
  • Leave a comment at this post with a link to your creation;
  • If you are going to posting your creation to your blog please link back here to the original sketch, or include a picture of the sketch on your blog;
  • HAVE FUN !!!

*Samples for this week's sketch can be seen in the post below*


Stephanie said...

just found your blog today and had to do your challenge..

here is my card;

Anonymous said...

I'm finally organized enough to play along. What a fun sketch.

Unforgettable Friend

Jackie Pedro said...

Love this sketch Mercy! I will find time to play!!

Anonymous said...

I love your sketch's Mercy and I'm playing again today!

Anonymous said...

Great sketch Mercy! I hope to find time to play! Awesome samples too:)

Marisa said...

Great sketch -- as well as past ones (I checked back as my one creative gene isn't good at starting from scratch and sketches are my life savers!).

Just recently found your blog and I'm loving it along with all your wonderful creations! H Ope you're feeling better now.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great sketch! I like how you number the layers. Saw that you're not feeling well . . .hope you get better soon! And congrats on winning Mojo Monday . . .beautiful card.

Here's my card for this week's sketch:

Vicki Burdick said...

first time ever playinf along! Awesome sketch, here is mine:

Thanks so much!


stampingtink said...

I just found your site and love it! I loved this sketch and had to play along. You can see my entry on SCS here. It's also on my blog at

Anonymous said...

I love your sketches. Here's my version:

Sam said...

Thanks for the challenge Mercy. Here is my card.

Best wishes,

Jackie Pedro said...

I just love your sketches, Mercy! You can check my card out on my blog:

or on SCS:

Heather said...

This is my first time participating, but I thought your sketch was too cute to pass up! Thanks for the great sketch and inspiration!

Here is my card:


Maria Matter said...

Hi Mercy!
I just discovered you, and boy, what a find! Fab sketch!
Here's what I did:
Birthday Dreams!
Thanks for the inspiration, Mercy!
Blessings, Maria

Lori said...

Fun sketch and beautiful samples, too, Mercy! My version is in this post:

Barbara said...

I LOVE THIS SKETCH!!! It was such fun--thanks for another great one! Here's mine:

Anonymous said...

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