Friday, December 28, 2012

…Back In The Saddle Again

pbm_watermark copy

Yep…you guessed it! I’m taking photographs again, and I must say that it feels wonderful to be back behind the looking glass! I will be sharing both photos and stories from time to time, so make sure that you’ve subscribed to my blog to keep up with the latest posts. There will be recipes, reading lists, and lots of randomness (is that a word???  well it is now)! I will also be redesigning some graphics and headers for the blog, so you are also in store for a new look! BIG CHANGES COMING!!!

Until then…



mudmaven said...

Good to see you back! Looking forward to what's to come. ~chris

LORi said...

woo hoo!! Big Loves and Hugs my sweet friend!! ♥LORi

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, Mercy!
Nancy H

Sharon said...

Looking forward to your posts!