Friday, February 11, 2011

…For The Digitally-Challenged

Yep…I’m still in the Valentine’s mood, but I have a FABULOUS announcement to share with you!  As you all know, I am a designer for By LORi Designs and Lori deals exclusively with digital stamps.  Every month when the new images/sets come out I set to work creating “new” images by merging and combining several elements to create something new that doesn’t have to be cut apart and pieced together later on.  I’m pretty proficient with Adobe Photoshop, but I know that there are others out there who wouldn’t even know where to begin in order to create new images with their digital stamps.  NO NEED TO FEAR!!!  Lori has decided to include several of my combined images in her store for you to purchase…NO FUSS, NO MUSS!  :)  So I will be sharing 3 of the latest Valentine’s images that are available for you NOW!!!

Introducing: “Davey’s Teddy Edited by Mercy” (in the Puddle Jumper section)


“PJ Ainsley & Davey Edited by Mercy”


“ Ainsley’s Heart Edited by Mercy” (also in the Puddle Jumper section)


EDITED TO ADD: here are some other images that have been added as well!

“We 3 Friends By Mercy”


“Wagons of Gifts By Mercy”


“Celebrate Friends By Mercy”


You can find the SPECIAL EDITIONS created by me (and some others created by me fellow BLD designer, Arielle Gordon) in the BLD store HERE…go check them out!!!

That’s it for me today!  I’m spending the day over at my bestie’s house, but I’ll see you all back here some time this weekend.  Until then…

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faithnme said...

Mercy.. I have a "little" story to tell you.. Two days (maybe 3 now) I was drulling over your card that you made with Anisley & Davey when I had to go check out BLD store to see if this was a NEW set..hehehe. when low and behold I saw my name on the DT list.. yahhhh can you belive it.. neither can I.. I don't know how I missed it on my "dashboard".. But if not for your and your AWESOME creations I may have missed out.. You brought me luck

Thank you & Hugs
P.S. my very FIRST DT ;0)

pink lady said...

These are stunning cards Mercy, your work is such an inspiration. I love how you have merged the images...I've had photoshop for a couple of years but haven't a clue what to do with it!! Hugs Shelly x

Tracy said...

Doing the happy dance!!!! That's awesome Mercy!!

LORi said...

Fabulous work Mercy!!! really Fabulous!! Big Hugs Sweet Friend - LORi

Debbie Olson said...

Mercy, these are all just beautiful!

Krista said...

YOU are amazing! Seriously, LOVE your stuff girl!!!
Hugs, Krista

Jessie/knightrone said... are amazing!!