Sunday, February 3, 2008

...Another Tag Game & A Card By Gabe

The Middle Name Game ~ I've been tagged by Jamie Martin over at Stamp This!
These are the rules: You must post the rules before you give your answers. You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you've been tagged, you need to update your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details.Ok here goes!!):
  • M : is not wise to speak to me in the mornings until I have had at least one cup of coffee!
  • I: INVENTORY.....I keep an running inventory list on all of my stamps and accessories. I have a special folder that I keep track of my low cardstock, designer papers, refills, etc. I am one sick individual! LOL!
  • C: COMEDY.....I believe something funny can be found in every situation. Laughing is the best pain killer, and I am a drug dealer to many of my friends (or I try to be)!
  • H: HOME-BODY......I love to be at home with nothing to do.....that's my idea of heaven!
  • E: ENTERTAINMENT......I absolutely love going to see my oldest son, Christian during his sporting events. I am so proud of him!
  • L: LABELS.....I have a label maker and I'm not afraid to use it! My husband jokes about the fact that I haven't labeled the pets yet!
  • L: LUMINA.....I drive a Chevy that is sixteen years old (and did I mention that it's paid for?!)
  • E: ENABLER.....I love to share locations of sales, cheap finds, and great deals with everyone.
Now it's my turn to tag: Chat, Debbie, Shannan, Pam V, Dawn, Kelly, Michele, and're all it!
I also wanted to share another creation by my ever-so -talented twelve year old son, Gabe. He saw THIS card that Jackie had done, and he fell in love with it.'s to you, Jackie! Gabe made this for his little girlfriend, Jessica. She had better like it, or momma will have to beat her up! LOL!

That's it for now! I'll see you all later! Hugs ~ Mercy

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jackie pedro said...

Mercy, tell Gabe that he rocks!! He totally made my day...Jessica better love it!! It's perfect in pink!!