Monday, January 21, 2008

...Just Taking A Break...

I just wanted to check in to let everyone know that I will be taking a long-needed break for the next couple of weeks. I haven't felt up-to-par in quite a while due to lack of sleep and a packed schedule. So I have decided to take a breather from everything for a little bit to recuperate. I hope to be back in a stampin' and creating mood soon.

Thanks for checking in and on me...I have some wonderful cyber friends! Until then...Hugs ~ Mercy


Shannan said...

Hope you have a relaxing week! Hugs!

Christina Fischer said...

Take care and relax! It's always important to stop and refuel now and then! :)

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to this!! Hope you get the rest you need and you're back to stamping and sharing soon! We'll miss you! :)

Pam Varnell said...


Just wanted to let you know you have been missed. I hope you get rested up soon and feel rejuvenated.

Take care, Pam

Cathy I. said...

Hope you're doing well - miss your creations but I'm sure you'll be back better than ever!!! Enjoy and relax!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mercy,

Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you ...every morning ( well,
almost every morning) I check some specific sites - yours being the first on
the list!!!!!! You have blessed me so I want you to know that I will
pray for you every morning!

Sometimes our lives get quite "crazy" ... I know that I have to take time to
just BE ... I need to do as Psalm 46:10 says ...Be still and know that I am
God. praying you will be able to do this as well!

Know you will be missed - but --- don't let the old devil tell you any lies
and make you feel guilty for looking after yourself!!!!

take care!

Resting in HIM,
Ruthie Allen-Hamilton
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

JenMarie said...

Rest up and God Bless!!!

Jackie Pedro said...

Get some rest and no worries!

chAT said...

make sure you get your much needed rest!!!!hope you are all full of creative ideas when you come back !!!
take care,

Sharon in NE said...

Rest in Him...that's so good for you. We'll still be here.
(:) big hug