Saturday, September 15, 2007

...Introducing Mattox London/Warrior Football

This is Mattox beautiful goddaughter. She was born September 8th, and weighed in at 8 lbs 4 oz. She was 20 inches long, with a headful of black hair. I have seen some pretty babies (including my own!), but she is the most beautiful baby that I have ever seen! She has olive skin, big hands and feet, and a perfect little round head (thanks to the c-section). She looks around with big bright eyes taking in everything...when she isn't sleeping, of course! The proud, first-time parents are Jesica (one of my best friends) and her boyfriend Josh, and they couldn't be any happier with this little angel! Momma had a c-section, as mentioned before, but is recovering very well. The family got to go home from the hospital this past Monday, and are still adjusting to the new lifestyle...but they are doing a fabulous job! I got to go spend a couple of hours with Momma and "Max" yesterday, so I snapped a few shots of her while I was there (surprised?). She is such a good baby!

Yesterday was another full day of running errands, paying bills, cleaning house, and (of course) ball games. My oldest son, Christian, plays football for Lakeview Middle School (on the right, with solid helmets) as the starting tight end. He is on the far side of the field in this shot.

Christian is only thirteen, but comes in at 6'3" and 176 pounds. He's tall, thin, and nothing but muscle! You can see the average height difference between him (#87) and most of his teammates. There is only one other young man that is about his same height, but a little more stout. Christian has had a few rough years in school with misbehavior, in-school and out-of-school suspensions, disciplinary tribunals, and laziness. Fortunately, Christian accepted Christ as his Savior this summer, and has become a totally different young man. His grades are back up, he's playing football (and playing extraordinarily well since this is the first time he has ever played!), and he's making better decisions overall. My frequent saying is "Jesus and football have been good for that kid!". I hope that he can continue in on a positive trend and not revert to the old behavior...I like this Christian so much better than the other! He loves his teammates, and they love amazing camaraderie! They are 2-1 for the season so far, but face a huge adversary next week in the form of the Ringgold Tigers. But after the playing we saw yesterday anything is possible! GO WARRIORS!

Well, it is time to do some craft show stuff...AGAIN! So I will see you all tomorrow!

Hugs ~ Mercy



Sharon in NE said...

Oh my goodness, that is one tall kid and one precious goddaughter. I loved the pics and reading about them.

Melie said...

Mercy~ I love your photos they are always so beautiful. I may just have to get you to do my family Christmas pictures this year. Madison will be 4 in July and we don't have a family picture. Now I know thats SAD! hUGS~

Ana said...

She is beautiful!!Love your pics!